P e a n u t ' s Page!

Web space before birth. Gotta love that.

The Peanut Countdown:
He's here!!!!!

Our Peanut!

I've been meaning to create this page for awhile, so after our second ultrasound, I decided it was about time I did this... so, here's our peanut-page, containing pictures of our little peanut. Enjoy!
-Noah (dad)

Click here for Peanut's 10 week ultrasound picture
Click here for Peanut's 19 week ultrasound pictures
Click here for Peanut's 38 week ultrasound pictures
Photos of Peanut (Wesley) and his sister Audrey, and his new brother Will! new!

Some interesting stuff:
Peanut's due date is April 7th, 2005

Peanut may be a boy or a girl. Mom and dad think it's a girl... but others say it's a boy. We soon will find out...

4/3/05 - 11:36 AM: PEANUT IS HERE! After a long journey, peanut finally arrived this morning at 11:36 AM - 1 7 lb, 7 oz baby boy, 20" long. Peanut also has a name - Wesley Peter Korba. The link above will take you to pictures of Wes on his first day!
8/30/07 - 2:37 PM: AUDREY IS HERE! After a long journey, Wes's sister Audrey is here! She was 7 lb, 6 oz (just a shade smaller than her brother), and is 19" long. Wes has been gracious enough to share his webspace until Dad makes Audrey a page of her own... what a great big brother!

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