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About (or aboot, depending on your dialect)

I first started dabbling in the HTML code way back in the day... I've been a coder since 6th grade (yay for Q-Basic!), and a computer user since I was, from my best guess, 5. I've always found solace with a computer - it was the first thing I'd set up when I got to college, and the last thing I'd tear down. Now that I've got a pretty good ISP (yay for ipHouse!) I've been able to host my site over normal channels (and not the covert higher-than-mediacom-would-scan ports I'd use previous to this), I decided to etch my name into cyberspace somewhere. As of 2003, I finally owned a real, address: It only took me 23 years. So enjoy my site. Inquire if you will, for I also host my mail off of it - - you'll be glad you did. And check out my new company website (when I finish it) - Guaranteed to have all the latest network software ever made (by me of course)!

Yours in cyberspace,

Talk to me secretly

If, for some reason, you wish to send me emails encrypted, please use my public key available here. I use GPG for my public key encryption. I'd suggest the Windows Privacy Tools (available here) if you're looking to do it easily under Windows.

Damn Dirty Technical Details

For those interested in the technical details of my server, here you go:


Intel PIII 1.0Ghz




Twin 12.1GB SCSI drives


LINUX-Slackware Distribution 9.1


A custom variant of 2.6.9

Wireless Network

HostAP network driver interface coupled with a NAT which simulates an access point

Wired Network

10/100 Ethernet attached to a DSL-style bridged WAN at 1.5MBit up and 1.0Mbit down